Rescuing young Anna's Hummingbird

アンナハチドリの救助                  (Rescuing young Anna's Hummingbird)




Two nights ago a storm came through this area, bringing heavy rainfall and
strong winds throughout the night. The next morning the rain had stopped.
As we do each morning we allowed our cat, Mindy to go out on the deck.
A short while later she came back inside, and placed something on the dining
room floor: It was a small rain-drenched hummingbird! I gently scooped up the
tiny bird, and was surprised when it moved in my hand. It was alive!
Apparently Mindy did not harm it.

I took the hummingbird out onto the deck, and carefully set it down on a dry
table top. I placed some Salvia flower blossoms next to the bird, in the hope
that it would drink the nectar and gain some strength.
It did not sip the nectar, but instead clumsily flew down to the deck.
I then took down our hummingbird feeder and placed it on a dry washcloth,
right next to the bird. The hummingbird hopped onto the perch of one of the
feeding stations and began drinking the nectar. It quickly gained strength,
and then started taking short flights just over the surface of the deck.
After a few minutes the tiny bird seemed to be completely normal, and flew
directly to a coast live oak tree just off the deck.
by 74mimii | 2012-03-02 06:19 | miscellaneous
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